International And Interstate Issues
Family law has traditionally been an area of private law governed by rules local to a given state.
However, the world is becoming a smaller place and our clients come from, move, and live all over the world.
This creates great concerns in matter of family law.
Our expertise permits to help such clients by assisting them in dealing with such issues.

In international family law many issues have to be taken in consideration such as which courts and states have jurisdiction over which issues (indeed, in certain case a state may have jurisdiction over the dissolution but not over the custody issue, it may also happen that two states have jurisdiction over the same issues)

International And Interstate Relocation
Any international relocation of one parent alone with the children must be carefully planned.
Indeed, unilateral relocation raises serious issues of kidnapping and may lead to criminal sanctions as well as losing custody of the children for the parent who has relocated without the consent of the other parent.
It is therefore imperative to consult with an attorney familiar with international issues before moving to another country.

In addition, any domestic/interstate relocation of one parent alone with the children must also be carefully planned.
Indeed, since October 2006, under Florida law, a parent cannot relocate with a minor child to another principal residence more than 50 miles away from his or her principal place of residence without the consent of the other parent and particular formalities must be followed.
Section 61.13001of the Florida Statutes.
It would be extremely detrimental to not comply with this law as it may lead to losing custody of the children.