About Valerie Y. Duane-Dray
Valerie Y. Duane-Dray was born in France and arrived in the US after she graduated from the French law school of Aix en Provence. She earned several French law degrees (Licentiate degree in French law, Master degree in French Law, and Post Graduate Degree in French law) and few years after arriving in south Florida, she also earned a Juris-Doctor in American law with high honors (magna cum laude). While studying for the Juris-Doctor, she was a member of the International Citator Project and the Nova International Law Journal.

She is listed with several consulates, including the French General Consulate in Miami, Florida.
Her dual background in civil and common law is an asset for her international clients. The law firm of Valerie Y. Duane-Dray often works in conjunction with local legal professionals in other jurisdictions to create intelligent strategies that will lead to the most effective solution.
Whether dealing with international or domestic cases, assisting her clients in the difficult moments of their life through competent and compassionate legal advice is her priority and her clients always appreciate her dedication.